I paid $125 for this rug that is a little larger than 5’x8′ – and shipping was FREE! The jute rug beneath it is from Pottery Barn.

Welcome to the world of authentic vintage rugs you can actually afford! Keep scrolling for instructions on how to shop this eBay shop, there are a few things you should know…

Does it infuriate anyone else that rugs are SO ridiculously expensive?! Like, we walk on them. Dogs pee on them. Babies spit up on them. I spill my wine on them. Yet quality rugs cost more than most people’s rent. I’m into saving money wherever I can, so when I found this online vintage rug shop on eBay, I about died.

I currently have ten rugs from this eBay shop. One of them is in James’ room, the rest are scattered about the house in my entry way, kitchen, living room, family room, bedroom, office, Shea’s nursery, and so on. None of the rugs I purchased were over $350, which means all of them put together is still cheaper than the typical price of one authentic Turkish rug.

Here are 7 things you need to know about buying vintage rugs at this eBay store:

I’m going to make this as easy as possible for you and fill you in on all the details. Keep scrolling for rugs I’m loving that are currently on sale in the shop + some more photos of my newest rug!

1. You can buy authentic Turkish rugs here for a discounted price, most of them are under $400

I have never paid more than $350 for any of the rugs I’ve purchased from here, and that was for a 9×11! All of my 5×8 rugs were around $150.

2. FREE SHIPPING + Returnable

I’ve always experienced fast + free shipping when shopping here. No issues with tracking or lost orders, no shipping fees, no arrival delays. All of my rugs have arrived within a week of my order date. Also, if you can return the rug for a full discount within 30 days if you don’t like it!

3. Act quick! Everything is one of a kind

The rugs in this eBay store are coming from a different website. They pass along the rugs that don’t sell to the eBay store and sell them quickly at a discounted price. So, these are last chance rugs and they go fast! You have to be ready to pull the trigger if you see something you like.

4. It takes some work + you have to dig!

A lot of these rugs look ugly while you’re quickly scrolling through. However, if you see one that is in the color palette you are looking for click on it and take a closer look! All of the rugs have 2 product photos: a zoomed out photo of the whole rug, and a zoomed in photo of the coloring and material up close. Look at every rug you think you might like! 

5. Sizing is different than what you might be used to

Pay close attention to the sizes and be sure to measure your space before purchasing. Since these are authentic one of a kind rugs that often get cut and resized, they don’t come in the cookie cutter 4×6, 5×8, 8×10 (etc.) sizes that we are used to.

6. The more distressed the better!

Don’t be afraid of the really distressed looking rugs – they look the best in real life. Think Soho House vibes. They look dingy and almost dirty online but in real life they look SO good. A friend of mine bought one that wasn’t distressed at all and she thought it looked too much like a grandma rug and returned it. There is a fine line between cool-vintage and grandma-rug. And in my opinion, the amount to which it’s distressed is what makes or breaks it.

Rugs that are described as“color transition”don’t look like anything special from far away but they are the BEST. They have the best texture and they’re worn in all the right places.

7. Prices fluctuate…

I only included rugs in this post that are under $400. If you click on a rug and it is more than that, it’s because they altered the price! If you see something you love and it’s over $400, check back in a few days because they’ll most likely drop the price again. I remember last time I posted about these rugs they upped the prices because of all the traffic on the site! It can be kind of a pain but so worth the work.

More of my rugs…

A couple rugs I’ve purchased from this shop!
And another…
And another…
Hard to see in this picture but the white silk rug in our bedroom is also from here!
Oh and a couple more…

Here are some rugs on sale right now that I’m loving – remember –  only one available of each and they sell fast!





  1. Such beautiful rugs! What a good deal too. I agree with you that I wouldn’t shy away from the dirtier looking rugs. They tend to look more authentic, and if they really are dirty, a good area rug cleaner will be able to clean them without damaging them (we use Chem-Dry for all of our vintage rugs and they always come back looking great.) Thanks for sharing all of these!

  2. love rugs

    i love rugs like these, esp turkish ones but every shop I go to is insanely priced, i cannot believe these finds! I bought one from ebay how you suggested and the quality is so so good. i love that every rug is completely unique. THANK YOU!!!!

  3. I had a question about this.

    Are the rugs thick and heavy? or are they thin? Looking at them now! Thank you for suggesting this site!

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  5. Breanne

    Am I missing something or did they raise their prices since you updated this post? They are all listed at $600+, and some are even over $3000. That doesn’t seem like a good deal at all.

  6. Megan

    Hi Breanne, yes they 100% raised their prices since yesterday and I’m FURIOUS about it. I have been shopping this site for 3+ years and have never seen their rugs priced this high. My guess is they noticed high volume traffic on the shop yesterday and raised them temporarily. Keep checking back as I’m confident they will go back down in the next week or two. I’M SO MAD!

  7. Megan

    Prices are back down to normal!

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