James’ Outfit: shoes | pants | thermal shirt // Blake’s Outfit: sweater | skirt | shoes

So this might be my favorite post to date. Can you even handle the cuteness? You all know James’ super stylish girlfriend Blake by now, and I’m sure you are familiar with her equally fashionable mom (and my friend) Katelyn from But First Koffee. We decided to start a new series called “Mini Street Style“, in which we will be taking pictures of this insanely cute duo once a month and featuring some of our favorite trends in the world of baby fashion.

First on the list: we would like to share with you some of our favorite baby shoes. I don’t know if there is anything better than their chubby, tree trunk cankles overflowing from the tops of James’ miniature Adidas All Star sneakers, and Blake’s combat boots. Nope, there is literally nothing better. In case you didn’t catch that, I’ll say it again: Blake is wearing COMBAT BOOTS. I legit cannot take it. Head over to Katelyn’s post for more unbearably adorable girl shoes, and find my picks for boy shoes at the bottom of this post! These sneakers are definitely next on James’ list of must haves.

Happy Friday 🙂 xx