Happy Friday! If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re pregnant and missing your cocktails as much as I am. I promise, this is a safe + judgement free zone where it’s okay to admit you miss drinking. I’m jealous of all the pregnant girls out there that are like “I don’t even miss wine or cocktails!” or “I just don’t have the taste for it while pregnant!” – that’s not me. When I’m at a restaurant I have to order something besides water, preferably in a pretty + garnished glass, to give me some cocktail vibes.

This is what I’ve learned about ordering mocktails from a bar: If you just ask the bartender for a general mocktail and provide no specifics and they say “sure I can have the bartender whip something up” – chances are they will bring you back a drink that tastes like a jolly rancher on steroids. I’m not looking for dessert in a glass. I’m looking for something that makes me feel like I’m drinking something I would be drinking if I wasn’t pregnant! So, I find it is better to tell them EXACTLY what you want.

I polled my Instagram followers for mocktail recommendations and got SO many awesome replies that I decided to turn it into a post for you guys. Some of them are just random concoctions and some are actual virgin versions of real cocktails. Cheers and enjoy mamas! xx

I asked my Instagram fam for their favorite pregnancy-friendly drink orders and this is what they said…

  1. Soda water + splash of pineapple juice + lime
  2. Virgin Mojito // muddled mint + lime juice + soda water + simple syrup
  3. Mocktail Mule // ginger beer + splash of soda water + lime
  4. Lemonade + club soda + bitters + lemon wedge
  5. Lemonade + splash of soda water + salted rim + lemon wedge
  6. Virgin Paloma // soda water + grapefruit juice + agave + lime
  7. Soda water + muddled cucumber + grapefruit juice
  8. Half cranberry juice + half ginger ale OR ginger beer + lime
  9. Virgin bloody Mary // just the mix + garnishes
  10. Virgin Margarita // soda water + lime juice + agave nectar + lime wedge + salted rim
  11. Bitters + soda water
  12. Bitters + ginger beer
  13. Ginger Shirley Temple // ginger beer + soda water + grenadine + lime
  14. Coconut water + mint + cucumber + agave syrup + mint
  15. Blueberry mojito // club soda + fresh blueberries + lime juice + simple syrup + mint
  16. Cucumber Gimlet // club soda + muddled cucumber + lime juice + simple syrup
  17. Cranberry juice + soda water + lime
  18. No Tequila Sunrise // club soda + Sprite + pineapple juice + splash of grenadine
  19. Half Sprite + half orange juice + orange wedge
  20. Topo Chico + lemon wedge