Let’s admit it. When you go to a baby shower, you secretly want to be the one who gave that beautiful gift that makes everybody go “awww!”. Don’t lie! Well, I’ve got you covered. Recently two of my very dear friends gave birth to beautiful baby girls (shout out to Katie Cassman + Caroline, and Mal + Emma) and I really wanted to give both baby girls a beautiful book they could keep forever. One with a meaningful + positive message. So, I started searching high and low for children’s books other than your average Oh The Places You’ll Go, and the like. Not that there is anything wrong with that book! I just really wanted to find something a bit more unique.

I was astonished by two things. One: that there aren’t more lists like this that were able to help face me in the direction I wanted to go. Two: how many BEAUTIFUL children’s books exist that I have never even heard of! Once I started my deep dive, finding that special book became an easy task. Below are 11 precious + unique children’s books that contain messages that are simple, meaningful, and heartwarming.

 1. The Quiet Book


3. Pass it On

4. Andy Warhol: So Many Stars

5. Words & Your Heart

6. Here We Are

7. Coco Chanel: Little People Big Dreams

8. On The Night You Were Born

9. Imagine by John Lennon

10. The Wonderful Things You Will Be

11. In My Heart

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