1. This bell sleeved top

How gorgeous is this top??? Only $39! I will be wearing it all Fall. Personally, I think it fits true to size (I’m wearing a medium) but there are 3 reviews on UO that say it runs a bit small. The material is SO soft + light, it can totally be dressed up or down. Also, these pearl jeans are everything. They are definitely not an every day item – you will experience some pearls falling off but after the first time you wear them, that will stop happening – but for only $60, they are totally worth it. Other than the pearl issue, they fit AMAZING (as do all jeans from ASOS) and the denim quality is fantastic.

2. This book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

My new bible. It’s so simple and an easy read, but also incredibly eye opening. This is a bold statement, but I’m pretty sure it could be life changing if you read it over and over again. As soon as I finish it, I plan on reading it again. Read this book.

3. Kombucha every morning

I know kombucha is old news, but I’ve recently become addicted to it. I’ve always liked it, but I never drank it consistently until now. I can’t believe how good I feel and how much energy it gives me. I’m starting to crave it in the morning instead of coffee, because I swear the energy I get from it is way better than a caffeine high! I’ve been buying the 48 oz bottle from Whole Foods and I have about 8oz every morning.

Here are some great articles on Kombucha:

8 Reasons to Drink Kombucha Every Day
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4. Velcro baby shoes

James is walking! I’m thrilled because I am so freaking over the crawling phase. However, baby shoes are a pain in my ass. His feet are so fat and I swear the only thing that works right now are velcro gym shoes! Even moccasins are impossible to put on him. My sister got him these Vans for his birthday and they are everything. Here are some more adorbs velcro baby shoes I plan on adding to his collection:


5. Real Housewives of Dallas

Obsessed. If you are a Bravo/RH girl and you’re on the fence about Dallas, WATCH IT! I promise you will love. Last season of RHOD sucked big time (but of course I watched) so they revamped the cast, and the results are amazing. It is reminiscent of old school housewives seasons: real money, real (and new) drama, real out of touch women. It’s fab. RHOD is currently blowing this season of Orange County out of the water – I love OC but this season is so lame. Why is Lydia back again??? And PEGGY???? I cannot.

I would love to give a more in depth analysis but James and I are having a horrific morning as a team today, and I’m barely hanging on by a thread as I write this. So, apologies for the rushed and probably very poorly written post! Bottom line: WATCH DALLAS!

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