Are there any preggos reading this who are about to pop? If so, I feel your pain. Being pregnant in the summer is no joke. I was exactly one month away from having James, this time last year. Which, by the way means he is freaking 11 MONTHS OLD TODAY! I cannot. How. What. Huh. Anyway, I want to disclaim this by saying: of course I am just crazy grateful to have had a healthy pregnancy. I would have a summer pregnancy again in a heartbeat if it meant I could have another healthy baby. That being said, in all honesty, I was not obsessed with being pregnant in the summer. I full blown did not like it. I would have preferred to layer up and wear all black from head to toe at all times. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about having to wear tank tops + dresses at all times, showing off the new cellulite patches on the hinds of my biceps and above my knees. Cute! Not. I was not the “embrace your womanly body!!!!” type of pregnant person. I complained a lot and really didn’t feel good about myself. It was hard for me to imagine ever looking or feeling “normal” again. I missed feeling like my old self. This was all probably deeply rooted in the fact that James was a surprise, but I will get into that in a different post!  I would like to think that next time around (I pray that there is one!) that I will be a more confident and relaxed pregnant girl.
I tried really hard not too spend much money on maternity clothes that I would never wear again post-pregnancy. My whole maternity wardrobe basically consisted of t-shirt dresses and cotton bodycon dresses from H&M, Forever 21, and ASOS. The dress I’m wearing in that picture was $9.99 from Forever 21! I am usually a size medium but during pregnancy I would typically buy larges. I was 7 months pregnant in the left picture, and stretched over my bump just fine. The dress is a bit hiked up in that picture (why?????) but it really was not that short IRL. The picture on the right was taken yesterday and I wore that dress out and about to run errands with James.
Here are my top picks for dresses you can wear during pregnancy and beyond! They are not maternity dresses, so needless to say, if you are NOT pregnant you can wear them too. Obviously! xx


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