Photos by Cassandra EldridgeTie Dye T-Shirt dress from Forever 21 & under $20 | Shorts are old but basically identical ones here at H&M (only a few sizes left) and I just bought these long denim shorts from Revolve and I LOVE them! | Shoes are DVF | busywrist leather wrap bracelet and gold & silver balls bracelet

Happy Friday! I seriously am so turned around. I spent most of yesterday feeling like it was Monday. The 4th landing on a Tuesday this year really through me for a loop. We had a fun and relaxing weekend out in the suburbs. I didn’t realize this until I was pregnant – and therefore sober – on the 4th of July last year, but apparently the city of Chicago is INSANE on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of July. I remember having literal anxiety that the level of noise was bad for James while he was inside of my belly (#dramatic) and I also called 911 because people were setting off fireworks in the parking lot 10 feet from our condo and debris was landing on our rooftop and I was terrified our building would start on fire (again, #dramatic). We didn’t even want to risk the dynamite our idiot neighbors like to set off in our alley waking up James multiple times during the night! So, we escaped to my parents house in the burbs. We did a pool day and BBQ with a bunch our friends who live in the suburbs (thanks for hosting, Alli & Brian!) and it was so much fun. I go soooo back and forth about whether we want to stay in the city, or move to the suburbs. I know the move is inevitable but I just don’t know when or where we want to go! It stresses me out so bad. Kyle is so good at going with the flow and not worrying about it now but I’m like: I WANT TO KNOW NOW. Patience. I will say, that whenever we get together with our FWK’s (friends with kids) in the suburbs, I always spend the drive home on peeking at houses. I mean, I cannot resist the space and storage they have out there. More on this later.

Let’s talk tie dye! I’m so obsessed lately. I am usually allergic to color, but I have been all about the tie dye. Especially tie dye swimsuits, I just ordered this one! Amazing right? I hope it works on my chest. I’m nearing the end of my breastfeeding road and I know there is NO light at the end of this tunnel for my boobs. Ugh. I’m scared that I’ll never find a swimsuit that looks good on me now, so I’m prepared to try LOTS of different cuts. I’ll keep you posted. I’m also desperately looking for a reason to splurge on these pants. We are going to Mexico in August, that counts as a reason right???

The top I’m wearing in this post is actually a t-shirt dress! I’m taller though and prefer to wear it as a shirt, however I would totally wear it as a dress for a beach cover up. It’s only $17.90 and I love it. It isn’t too stiff or boxy but it is thick enough to where you could totally wear it as a dress, no problem. The bracelets I’m wearing are from my jewelry company busywrist, I LIVE in the leather wrap bracelets during the summer. They look so good with bathing suits at the beach too, btw! Here are some of the cutest tie dye pieces I could round up, and keep scrolling for more on my look! Happy shopping 🙂 xx

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  1. TBH I kind of thought tye die was out but LOVE all these ones linked and want to buy some for my next vacation

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