I’m certain there are no men reading this, but Happy Father’s Day to all your husbands and fathers! Happy Father’s Day to my dad, I love you so much. And Happy Father’s Day to Kyle’s dad who is no longer with us, but no doubt is with us every day. I’m also absolutely certain no one is interested in hearing me gush about what an amazing father Kyle is. Except maybe my mother-in-law, lol. So, I’ll save that for his card but truthfully I know Kyle isn’t even interested. Maybe I’ll give Lyn a card instead. That being said, I will keep this short. But just for the record, he is the best dad in the world and I genuinely mean that. The first year of marriage with a baby is TOUGH, like crazy tough. Insanely tough. Other relevant synonyms: really hard, difficult, and annoying AF at times. And while the two of us could easily come up with a laundry list of things the other could/should/must work on, not one of my “things” would be related to his parenting. This guy was made to be a dad. He has never complained about changing a diaper, middle of the night shifts, early wake ups, and he adjusts his schedule all the time in order to spend more time with James. Kyle has somehow managed to adjust to parenthood seemingly quicker and more gracefully than I have. (THANKS FOR MAKING ME LOOK BAD.) But seriously, James is so outrageously lucky to have him, and that makes me the most grateful human on the planet. 

So, here are 1.5 million photos of Kyle and James! To the outside world these photos will probably be boring and repetitive. No offense taken if you abandon ship halfway through. This is definitely a more personal post that I put together so we can look back on it one day. I want to do a better job documenting our life together on this blog. I wish these photos were all professionally done, with perfect lighting, maybe of them skipping along the beach in Hawaii, but they are not! A lot of them are just crappy iPhone shots taken in their pajamas on the couch in our messy home. (With the exception of our gorgeous newborn session done by Cassandra Eldridge, omg those are AMAZING!) I hope our family grows one day, and I know for sure that we will one day grow out of this two bedroom condo, but this past year – Kyle’s first year of fatherhood – has been an amazing journey and a lot of it has been spent just the three of us right at home in our living room. I am so proud of you Kyle, Happy First Father’s Day.

DISCLAIMER: There is A LOT of hairy man-chest pictured in this post. The majority of these photos are taken of Kyle shirtless laying on the couch with James. I couldn’t resist including almost all of them because those early newborn snuggling days are something I want to remember forever. TBH it gets repetitive and a bit graphic…
THe first photo ever take of James & Kyle! Right after James was born. That’s my Dad next to Kyle!

I think he slept with one eye open the whole night.
Biased but I think he looks so hot here 🙂

First day home!

Lots more man chest coming your way, just FYI.
James first checkup!
Sorry but I just can’t get enough of the chest snuggles.
And again…
Cue the amazingness shot by our friend Cassandra Eldridge!
Cassandra Eldridge
Cassandra Eldridge
Cassandra Eldridge
Cassandra Eldridge
Cassandra Eldridge
Cassandra Eldridge
Cassandra Eldridge
Cassandra Eldridge
One with Grandpa Koranda!
A lot of couch lounging and Netflixing in those early days.
Our first outing with James! We had lunch at Summerhouse Santa Monica.

Tummy time.

Kyle’s first day back at work


Our family trip to Galena, IL – the town where we got married!
Outside the church we got married in.
Inside the church we got married in!
And our reception tent 🙂
Downtown Galena!
James’ first pumpkin patch
In the back of a wine bar in Galena. James just had a major meltdown, then I had one. Kyle was so calm and saved our evening. TG!

Halloween! (James was a lion.)
James’ first trip to Lincoln Park zoo. Loving it! Not. We joked he was upset the zebras weren’t out because he was obsessed with the zebras in one of his baby books (they were the only thing that would make him smile).
Snuggled in Dad’s arms <3
Thanksgiving Day!
Matching hats…

James first day out in the snow! We were so hungover from a Christmas party the night before but we forced ourselves to get out and walk around with him. Then we came back home and ordered ramen, and watched Home Alone. 🙂
The day we went out and took the first photos for my blog!
Easter morning
They clean up nice 🙂

Butterfly garden!
At our favorite neighborhood spot, Americano!
Kyle’s 32nd birthday

Our family day downtown Chicago

Old Town Art Fair last weekend 🙂


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    I’m so obsessed with ALL of this!! Happy Father’s Day, Kyle! James is so lucky to have both of you as parents :).

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    Awww, thanks so much Mar that is honestly so seriously sweet of you to say. Love you! xx

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