Blake & James are wearing the most adorable outfits from Burrow & Be! One of our absolute favorite organic clothing brands. James is wearing the Burrowers Fleece Cardigan (Almond With Dark Grey) and Rust Drop Crotch Pants + Blake is wearing the Meadow Flutter Jumper Dress 

Holy cow. I cannot believe it has been a year since James, Blake, Katelyn, and I had our first date at Summerhouse Santa Monica. Actually, it feels more like it’s been 5 years because – as dramatic as this sounds – it’s seriously SO hard to remember life before Katelyn & Blake! Our families have become so close over the course of the last year (husbands included thank goodness) and I could not be more grateful. I honestly don’t know what I would do without Katelyn as a friend, just this morning I was sending her rapid fire S.O.S. texts because James and I are having one of those days.

To read more about how we became basically instant bff’s when we met a year ago, check out Katelyn’s post on the importance of mom friends and my post about getting through those “hard” mom days! Which I couldn’t do without Katelyn. We also drink a lot of wine together and talk about stuff OTHER than our toddlers, just FYI!

PS: If you scroll all the way to the end of this post you’ll see some hilariously cute pictures of them from the past year! They were such little puff balls.

To celebrate Blake & James “one year anniversary” (lol) we have partnered with a bunch of our favorite brands to collect a bunch of our favorite baby products, and as a thank you for following along with us the past year, we want to give them all away to one of you!

Giveaway entry instructions are as follows!

(PS keep scrolling for individual photos + reviews of each item included in the giveaway)

  1. Follow @katelyngeoffrion & @megmcmillin_ on Instagram

  2. Tag a mama friend in the comment section of the giveaway photo on both Instagram accounts

  3. Follow Katelyn Geoffrion & Meg McMillin on Pinterest

  4. Leave a comment on this post and on Katelyn’s post, letting us know what you would like to see more of on our blogs!

Below is what we will be sending the winner…

Ok, moving onto the goodies. Below are items that either one or both of us own and absolutely adore! We will be sending all of this to one lucky mama Good luck and thank you so much for following along with Blake & James this year, we would not be here without YOU!

Inglesina Fast Table Hook-on High Chair

Having a highchair that clamps on to your countertop is such a must, and the one by Inglesina is top of the line and so easy to use! Katelyn and I both use our countertop highchairs ALL the time. Don’t let the concept freak you out. I will admit, in the early days, I would put a pillow underneath just in case. But, as the mother of an extremely heavy baby, I’m here to ensure you that these contraptions are 100% safe!

7 A.M. Enfant LambPOD Stroller Footmuff

Katleyn swears by this footmuff by 7 A.M. Enfant! Also, Blake thinks the baby on the package is James LOL. This cover is so so soft, and for sure a necessity if you live in a cold weather state! To see what this cover looks like out and about, check out Katelyn’s post on Winter Essentials!

Burrow & Be Organic Bandana Bibs + Washcloths + Swaddle

The to die for outfits that Blake & James are wearing in this pics (scroll for more outrageously cute pics of them cuddling on the couch) are from Burrow & Be, a super unique + organic clothing brand from New Zealand! Not only do they have the sweetest prints and

Gathre Leather Diaper Changing Mat

I’m sure you have heard of Gathre, and if not, run – don’t walk – to their website! Their products are PHENOM. Gathre makes the most beautiful + high quality + leather mats. We are giving away one of their gorgeous leather changing pads (spoil our babies much?!) but be sure to check out their floor mats are seriously amazing too. If you read my post about how to blend your baby’s play area into your living room, you’ll know that I’m ALL about modern + non-babyish floor mats!

Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy

Okay. Fridababy is one of my absolute top favorite baby brands of all time. Fridababy products are so simple + foolproof, and the branding is so on point I can’t even take it. The brand as a whole is literally hilarious. On a more serious note though, we would not have been able to survive the first 6 months with James with out Fridababy’s “Windi”. James had major gas issues and this was a godsend for us! Their NoseFrida (AKA the snot sucker) is a non-negotiable, you need it.

Sophie la Girafe

We all know Sophie. We all love Sophie. Sophie needs no introduction! She is basically one of the most well known baby staples of all time. Sophie lived in between James’ poor little gums through every one of his major teething phases! Did you know she has been around since the 1960’s?!

EzPz Fun Placemat Plate

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably see James eating out of his EzPz placemat basically every day. Hummip, anyone? (Inside Insta-story joke.) But for real, EzPz products are on the top of my list for the most used products in our house! They suction to the countertop, they hold the most perfectly measured our toddler food portions, and washing all of their products is a breeze!

Banor Toys Wooden Blocks + Rattle

Wooden toys are where it’s at, and Banor Toys has the best wooden toys! Before I had James, I read a lot about how babies love to chew on wood (?!) and I didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. It’s true, they do. Also, there is something so refreshing about the simplicity of all the Banor Toys products. Children do not need flashing lights, loud noises, tacky colors, etc. And your house doesn’t need those things either. The minimalism Banor offers is good for both child and mama!

Cole & Cleo Organic Blanket + Hat

Speaking of beautiful + minimalistic baby products, Cole & Cleo is one of our favorite brands for organic everyday onesies, bodysuits, cute baby hats, and blankets! The prints are everything I want in baby clothing: clean, simple, neutral! Anything from Cole & Cleo makes the perfect baby shower gift too, especially if you need something gender neutral.

$30 Tubby Todd Gift Card

Tubby Todd is an amazing line of skincare products for babies, created by a mama who’s baby had sensitive skin! All of the products are plant based and 100% natural, which is a must for both Katelyn and myself!

$50 buybuy BABY Gift Card

We can all use a buybuy BABY gift card! I’ll never forget taking what felt like thousands of trips to BBB when James was first born. Then, we had some down time, and now we are back and forth like crazy again as he transitions into toddlerhood!

And now for some oldies but goodies from the last year!

Thank you guys so much! xo, Meg + Katelyn


  1. I love your laid back style- anything that’s mom friendly for on the go I love seeing! And your little one- I’m on the hunt for cute boy stuff since I’m due in July with a little boy.

  2. Laura Bird

    Ok this is amazing! I’m truly loving all the baby posts because I love hearing all the recommendations while I prepare for our little guys debut this summer! 🙂

  3. Heather Campbell

    What an amazing giveaway from Meg + Katelyn. Hoping I win 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Instagram- @hac0226
    Pinterest username – hac0226

  4. Love your blog! Would love to hear more about the adorable outfits for your kids and where you love to shop. We are having our first in May!

  5. Samantha

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  12. Megan Richardson

    I seriously look forward to your posts and insta stories every day! I love Following along and always say that I wish we lived closer ! These two are just the sweetest duo!! Maybe some more easy dinner recipes ?! Great giveaway!! Keep up the good work ! 🖤

  13. Samantha

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    Love your IG and your blog! Making mommy hood fun and stylish but REAL LIFE! 🙂 I love your reasonably priced style finds for Mom and baby… keep them coming!! Also- your baby toy finds are great too! Would love to see or hear about how you balance keeping babe on a nice schedule but keeping life fun (for Mom and baby) at Home and going out. Thanks so much!

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  19. I’ve been eyeing a counter mounted high chair for when my little guy is old enough. Thanks for the reco! Also, James is ADORABLE🤗

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    Love the amazing styling on the babes! I’m always finding some great places to shop for my 1-year-old!

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  22. Ahhh I love this sweet friendship! Mama friends are so important, and I love how sweet Blake and James are together.

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  27. Megan

    Heather, thank you so much for entering and following along! xx

  28. Megan

    Meg! Seriously so grateful for our Insta-friendship. I love that we have been on this mama journey together since D and James were just little nuggets! Thank you so much for entering our giveaway!! XOXO 🙂

  29. Megan

    Hi Samantha! Thank you so much for checking our our blogs and entering this giveaway 🙂 EzPz is the best!! xx

  30. Megan

    Hi Sarah 🙂 Thank you so much for entering! Also, thank you for the post suggestion – that is SO helpful. I have been meaning to write a “easy toddler meal” post for a while now and you totally just re-inspired me! xx

  31. Megan

    Thank you so much, Shivanee! And thank you for entering!

  32. Megan

    Love these suggestions! Thank you so much for entering our giveaway! BAMBO is my favorite diaper brand! I learned about them on and have been using them for James since he was born! We buy them off Amazon, and they are technically the most “non-toxic” disposable diaper on the market! xx

  33. Megan

    Hi Desaria! Thank you so much for entering our giveaway! I love all of these post suggestions SO much. Becoming a mom is the weirdest, best, most intense, terrifying, emotional experience in the world. Personally, I struggled a bit with finding my footing as a new mom/wife! It is not easy. I will certainly post more about this. Thank you! xx

  34. Megan

    Hi Dez! Thank you so much for entering our giveaway! Also, thanks for this post suggestion. Taking care of a newborn can seriously be so scary! But I promise you will be (or ARE!) a natural! Your comment is making me think back to the old newborn days and I definitely remember being nervous too! But, your mama instincts kick in and everything falls into place 🙂 you will do great!

  35. Megan

    Hi Amy! Thank you so much for entering and following along! I will totally do some more toddler related posts! I think I’m in denial over the fact that James is an ACTUAL toddler, and therefore have been avoiding writing about it haha. But, it’s time I accept it lol!! Thank you again xx

  36. Megan

    Abby! Love your Instagram account so much and love following along with you and B! Thank you so much for entering our giveaway 🙂 xx

  37. Megan

    Thank you so much for entering, Erin! And for this thoughtful and super TRUE comment!!! Couldn’t agree more. This mom life thing is no joke. It’s easy to get caught up in Instagram life, and so important to keep things real ESPECIALLY in the realm of motherhood! I want to make a point to post more about the challenges I face as a mom and your comment totally inspires me to do so. Thank you 🙂 xx

  38. Megan

    Hi Laura! Thank you so much for entering! Love this recommendation! I love researching + trying out + talking about beauty products so I’m more than happy to do more of that! xx

  39. Megan

    Hi Bri! Thank you so much for entering!! I haven’t done a toddler/baby “fashion” (lol, if you want to call it that) post in so long and I totally want to do more! I’m all about finding cute + AFFORDABLE clothes for James. H&M, Afton Street from Target, and Zara (for more special occasions) are some of my go-to favorites! Have fun with your one year old, best age ever. XX!

  40. Megan

    Hi Megan! Thank you so much for this sweet comment and for entering our giveaway! xx

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