Happy Friday! Any Chicago people going to Old Town art fair this weekend??? I’m so excited because for basically the past 5 years, I have been out of town for it! We will be there. Other than that, we have no plans and I love when that happens. I need to get James to the pool soon, he has never been! How do I go about that? Just put him in like a floaty thing? A raft? No clue. I’ll keep you posted. 

First of all, how cute is that cart cover?! I’m so obsessed. It’s from Itzy Ritzy, and they have awesome baby products. That is also where his new moccasins are from! The cart cover can also be used as a nursing scarf and car seat cover. I’m really not a germ freak – I’m all about building up that immune system – but James is teething and will chew on EVERYTHING. I can’t tell you how many times I have turned my back for one second, only to turn around and find James sucking on the cart handle. Barf. This was my first time using a cart cover and it was so great because it acted as a nice little barrier for his gross habit! Plus it is super stylish.

Okay, let’s talk groceries. Full disclosure, I used to HATE grocery shopping. I have *actual* ADHD and it would take me literal hours to complete one grocery trip. I get distracted so easily and have always found grocery shopping to be so overwhelming. I hated making a list and when I would actually make one, I always failed at sticking to it. Typically, I would just freestyle without a list and that is so dangerous (also very expensive). I would always come across something I haven’t cooked with before and convince myself that I needed it. Example: “WHY ARE WE NOT EATING LEEKS?????? I NEED TO GET A POUND OF LEEKS.” Then, I would spend 10 minutes in the produce section Googling/researching them, another 5 minutes scouring Pinterest for “leeks recipes”, and bring them home where they would proceed to rot in our fridge. I used to have psycho-esque ambition while grocery shopping, it was kind of impressive. Sadly that ambition got me nothing but a smelly fridge and a fight with Kyle. 

My grocery store anxiety got worse before it got better. After having James, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to go again. How am I supposed to grocery shop with an infant? Let alone an infant who basically cried for the first 3 months of his life unless he was nursing or sleeping? I hated it before James, and that’s when I was free as a bird with all the time in the world. I was convinced that I would never shop again. Side note: for a while there I was convinced I would never do anything again. Just as I was getting ready to pull the trigger on Insta Cart or Amazon Fresh (a route that also gave me anxiety because I hate trying new things, as you can tell I have lots of issues) I realized three things: James could now sit up on his own, he doesn’t cry 24/7 like he used to, and here is the kicker…CARTS HAVE THOSE BABY SEAT THINGS!!! Not to mention it fully counts as a daily activity for a baby. Just watching the hustle and bustle of the grocery store wears James out, and totally entertains him. Also, on days that we grocery shop, I count that as our outing for the day. Win win. I do something productive, and James gets to explore the world! Whoop whoop. People ask me all the time why I don’t use a grocery service and that is what I tell them! This has become a fun thing for James and I to do together. It also feels so good accomplishing a task with him in tow. I always feel better about myself on grocery days. I feel like a real mom.

So, when he was about 6 months old I decided to put him in the cart for the first time and he freaking loved it. He was enthralled with the people, the lights, the noises, he can last SO much longer than I had anticipated, and honestly it is fun to show him off in public. People are so nice to you when you’re rolling with a baby. Grocery shopping went from being a total pain in the ass, to a fun bonding activity with James. Another bonus to shopping with a little one: you don’t have all the time in the world. Which is actually a good thing! It  means I have become much more efficient. I don’t have to worry about my old “explorative habits” coming back. I simply no longer have time to browse, over think, stand around on my phone researching recipes, etc. Gotta keep it moving!

I am proud to report that I never freestyle anymore, I always take a list. I have it pretty down pat and I wanted to share it with you guys because it works well for us! Also, I fully realize the fact that I shop at Whole Foods may seem stuck up and un-relatable. I promise we haven’t always shopped there, in fact I never shopped there before we had James. I always used to shop at Trader Joe’s, Mariano’s, or Aldi. However, two things changed: now that James is eating solids I do want to feed him only organic produce (sue me), and also the Whole Foods shopping experience is just way better than other grocery stores. I suppose the giant/flagship Mariano’s offers a similar experience, but there isn’t one near us. Since James and I actually look forward to our grocery trips now, I don’t feel guilty shopping there because it turns the experience from a chore into a fun little outing.

**This list is not specific to Whole Foods in any way, other than all the produce being organic. Oh, and probably the bread. But other than that, you can shop this same list at any grocery store!

My Whole Foods Grocery List:

  • 1 bundle of bananas
  • 5 Gala apples (use to make apple sauce in the slow cooker)
  • 5 sweet potatoes (I use these for both us and James)
  • 1 white onion
  • 1 bundle of green onions
  • 1 bundle of large carrots (I only use these to steam for James)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Raspberries (the friendliest baby solid ever)
  • 2 large avocadoes
  • Container of pre-washed spinach
  • Crumbled feta cheese
  • Block of cheddar cheese (I shred myself because pre-shredded has weird chemicals)
  • Large plain Greek yogurt (I use this in everything: in dips, on tacos, for sauces, etc.)
  • Almond milk (I plan on going back to whole milk when I’m done nursing, just tried to cut back on dairy a bit for breastfeeding reasons)
  • Organic eggs
  • Silver Hill’s sprouted organic grain bread (here is a great healthy bread guide)
  • 2 packs organic ground turkey (I use one that week and freeze one for next week. Also, this turkey is by far WAY tastier than any other ground turkey I’ve ever used.)
  • 2 packs organic chicken breasts (use one, freeze one)
  • Tortilla chips
  • 1 pack of corn tortillas (the cheap 50 cent kind in the paper bag, no preservatives!) 
  • Truffle flavored Pipcorn (not a typo, that’s what it’s called) 
  • 2 containers of hummus (I usually get the Hope brand or whatever is on sale)
  • Frozen unsweetened acai berry packets (for smoothies)
  • 1 Large carton of Vita Coco coconut water
  • 365 Everyday Frozen Coconut Fruit Bars (my guilty pleasure) 
  • WINE!!!!!! (Usually 1/2 bottles of cab, 1/2 bottles of sauv blanc – I buy cheap wine! Whatever is on sale!)

Also, are you guys familiar with Thrive Market? It’s awesome. We place an order every 1 or 2 months. Here are some things that we have stopped buying at the grocery store and started buying exclusively from Thrive!

List of things we stock up on from Thrive Market:

  • Quinoa 
  • Black beans and other canned beans
  • Brown rice pasta
  • Salsa
  • Almonds & other nuts (so much cheaper here!)
  • Chia seeds & flax seeds
  • Tigernut powder
  • RX Bars, Lara Bars, or Health Warrior Bars (we switch it up) 
  • Handsoap
  • James’ Babo Botanicals soap and diaper cream

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  1. Great shopping list !! I literally have almost the same one hahahhaa!! I also shop at our higher end — nicer grocery store with D because I find the food to be more organic and the people are njcer — does that sound bad !! Lol Don’t you love how excited the boys get when you put things into the cart ?! D LOVES the packaged spinach and the bananas ! XO 😘 ( loving your posts)

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