I’m going to cut to the chase here. H&M , Forever 21 and ASOS are where it’s at when it comes to dressing your bump on a budget. ASOS and H&M have real maternity clothing that is super cute and affordable, and you can wear pretty much all of it post-pregnancy too. Forever 21 doesn’t actually have a maternity section but – as we all know – their clothing is cheap and on trend and it will stretch over your bump just fine. All you need to do is buy a size or two up!

If you want some nicer quality clothes for the office or just want to invest in a good pair of designer maternity jeans – which by the way I totally recommend – I would check out Nordstrom and A Pea in the Pod. You’re growing a human after all, so don’t feel guilty about treating yourself to some pricier pieces that you can wear over and over again during your pregnancy!

I was so fashion-depressed toward the end of my pregnancy and a fellow pregnant friend recommended going on a Forever 21 shopping spree. It changed my last trimester for the better in every way. I spent $200 and – no joke – got like 20 new pieces of clothing. I bought baggy t-shirt dresses, form fitting cotton dresses, stretchy skirts, oversized tees, giant sports bras, and a bunch of super cute workout/stretch pants (even though there was NO working out going on). I just bought a size bigger so the waistband could accommodate my largeness. F21 actually has really cute, decent quality workout clothes and sports bras for super cheap, like crazy cheap.


I’m 9 months pregnant in that photo and the dress I’m wearing is a size large bodycon midi dress (it’s not maternity wear) from Forever 21 that I bought for TEN DOLLARS, PEOPLE. Cotton bodycon dresses are awesome during pregnancy. They are comfortable and it’s fun to show off your bump! Also, they are easy to style. On cooler days I would throw an open button down or long sleeve tee over the dress with a pair of sneakers.


ASOS has great nursing bras, which is something you definitely need (the brand Emma Jane Maternity is my favorite). Nursing and maternity bras are the same thing by the way, in case you were wondering. And what do they have that regular bras don’t? A little extra support and this fun little hook that let’s you unclip the top of the bra so your baby has easy boob access for nursing. Even if you don’t plan on breastfeeding, I recommend buying one or two good quality maternity bras to house your new boobs because they are going to triple in size and not go back to normal for a while (well, sadly they will NEVER be normal again – tear – but they’ll go back to a less insane size at some point).

***TIP: I would stay away from underwire bras, maternity/nursing bras already have fantastic support without the underwire and pregnancy boobs are so sensitive that I found underwire to be really irritating. They are also bad for your milk ducts!


These leggings are great! I lived in them during my whole pregnancy AND for the first couple months after I had James. Also the Zella maternity leggings from Nordstrom are awesome too – but they are more of a workout material and have a tighter fit!


ASOS, ASOS, ASOS. They have the most beautiful selection of formal maternity dresses! And they are so affordable. If you are anything like me, you’ll have to go to 500 weddings while you’re pregnant (eye roll). I just bought one dress and wore it to all the weddings – sue me – but I loved it and felt really cute. And feeling good about yourself when pregnant is so key, and honestly I had a really hard time adjusting to my new body so it was exciting to find a dress I felt pretty in.


Like I mentioned, it is a good idea to invest in one really good pair of maternity jeans. We all know the importance of a great pair of jeans – and when you’re pregnant – it’s even MORE important. Check out this post for my guide to the best designer maternity jeans to invest in during pregnancy!


I mean t-shirt dresses are the best whether or not your pregnant. But when you are pregnant they are truly THE BEST. So comfortable and easy to style. I wore the same H&M t-shirt dress with a pair of Adidas Superstars like every other day.


I mean this goes without saying but baggy tees are life. Especially when you’re preg. Don’t get me wrong, once you pop it is fun to show off the bump (see next section) but a good little rotation of comfy, oversized tees is essential.


Don’t be afraid to flaunt your bump. It’s pretty exciting when you start to show, so buying a few form fitting tops that highlight your new curve is a total must! I liked showing off my belly most in the second trimester. When it was cute and compact. By the third trimester I was so big that I really didn’t give AF what I looked like, and I showed in EVERYTHING, so it wasn’t as exciting. Take advantage of that second trimester and have some fun styling that presh little stomach.


Rompers and jumpsuits are such a great way to feel stylish AND comfortable while pregnant. ASOS has by far the best selection!

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